Running Shoes – An Investment In Your Feet

womens running shoes Asics

If you’ve ever purchased running shoes you know they are quite the investment. Ideally you would have visited a running store like Potomac River Running or The Running Store to get your feet and gait analyzed so you know what type of shoe is best for you. I fought this method for years — decades really. My friends call me stingy … I’ll go with frugal — but not spending the money necessary to have good foot ware was MORONIC.

I used to be that shoe buyer that went for the cheapest, most practical looking shoe regardless of the brand. I was not an avid runner — my yearly running activities consisted of one 5K and period games of softball. Then I had a health scare and realized that I would really miss being able to run so I started doing it more and more and more.  Those cheap shoes were wreaking havoc on my feet, knees, back and gait. I bit the bullet and went to get measured for running shoes.

$120 later I’m all set with my new Nike Structure Zoom 17 and ready to start running for real. the difference was unmistakeable.  My pain went away and my times improved greatly. Why didn’t I make the investment before? It’s clearly a no-brainer … but I’ve come to realize it’s a mindset that I have to overcome. Spending more money on higher quality items that fit better and last longer are much better than finding the cheapest option available (in most situations). By the way … I don’t go boring anymore – I go loud colors!

It’s most ironic that as I write this post I’m rolling a golf ball under my foot to help with my plantar fasciitis. I was late replacing my shoes … they’re really only good for 350 miles and I have around 600 on them.  The padding is gone on the side and the sole is rubbed away from miles pounded into the pavement/cement. I wasn’t intentionally regressing to my old ways of stingy, moronic frugality … I just was unable to find the time to get the shoes.  Let’s see how these new ASICS Gel-Kayano 23 work out!

Take away: Take care of your feet! Invest in your feet! You’ll save money on doctor’s and physical therapist visits. Ladies, it pains me to say it but DON’T where high heels.  Flats are the best thing at work – they may look a bit frumpy at times but even if you just wear them at your desk and walking to and from your car or public transit, try and get away from those heels!