$75-$100 · dessert wine · orange · Riesling · white wine

2008 Inniskillin Icewine – Riesling

Totally another reason to love Canada!  The little grapes that go into making this delicious dessert wine are FROZEN!  They are left on the vine and harvested when temps get below 8 degrees Celcius for a period of time.  Then they are picked!  We aren’t talking about throwing a bunch of grapes in the freezer here folks.  These are little crystalized gems hanging out on the vine up in Niagara-On-The-Lake Ontario, Canada!  The wine makers at Inniskillin are only able to get a few drops out of each grape which is why a bottle will set you back $80.  Totally worth it!  (of course we didn’t buy our bottle; just sampled some off a family member’s gift)

I was only able to take little sips here and there as it is incredibly sweet (thus dessert!!).  It tasted like ultra concentrated grape juice with a touch of citric. Inniskillin suggests pairing with foie gras which I think I’ll pass!  They also suggest creme brulee or lemon/fruit desserts which I could see myself doing.  As it were we enjoyed a glass stand alone whilst playing a nice game of scrabble.  Great evening!

Would have had another little glass but at $80 per 375ml didn’t want to be rude ;P

Price: $80 per bottle
Purchased at Total Wine
Company website: http://www.inniskillin.com/en/ice/default.asp

Chardonnay · mango · oak · papaya · pineapple · under $20 · white wine

2010 Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay

Delicious bottle of wine.  I used to think that I was not a fan of white wines as they gave me headaches due to the sweetness but this one did no such thing.  The bottle claims pineapple, mango and papaya flavors which I could taste.  Aging the wine in the oak barrels adds a nice warm finish to the wine.  Definitely on my “A” list.  Looking for a gift or a good white wine to go with pizza or pasta you should consider this one. 

Retail $18
Purchased table side at Romano’s Macaroni Grill for $38.  Mental note – next time bring our own bottle!