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This time last year I was running in my first 5K of the season.  My mileage run over the past 4 years is as follows:

2011 – 3.10 miles (yes I did one 5K)
2012 – 3.10 miles (yes … the same 5K again)
2013 – 314 miles (the same 5K and then some)
2014 – 96 miles YTD

I ran the Lucky Leprechaun 5K in Reston a year ago tomorrow.  My time for that race was upwards 39 minutes.  You can see my splits just to the right. (Please note that last year’s splits are not from the race … these are from a few days later but within a week of that time and at the same fitness level). I started off at a “fast” pace and got steadily slower.  I just couldn’t keep up. After about 1.25 miles I had to walk.  The rest of the race was a run/walk and my sister was nice enough to stay with me the whole time.

I was mortified that I couldn’t make it a 5K without stopping.  But honestly … what did I expect?  I was overweight, out of shape, and did zero training for the event.  It was the push I needed to become more aggressive about my fitness.

Since that race last year I’ve dropped approximately 30lbs. just from running and increased weight lifting regiments.  I really need to adjust my diet as I’ve definitely hit a weight loss plateau with my fitness sessions.  I still have plenty of fitness goals to reach and the weight is definitely a barrier.  It’s tough for me to run more than 3x per week and if run farther than 5 miles my joints really feel the stress.

Goal for 2014 is to lose another 50lbs.  That’s ambitious I know … but I’d be happy with 35lbs.  Actually that’s probably where I’ll end up.

I ran my best 5K time today (outside) at 28:18.  That’s an 11 minute drop off my time…basically I could run an extra mile (and then some) if I had 40 minutes.

To the left are my splits from today’s run.  I started off at a sub 9:00/minute pace.  I almost slowed down because I didn’t think I could maintain that pace but I surprised  myself.  The slower miles were a result of some hills but I did relatively well.  Well time to get end this blog post and get ready for the Lucky Leprechaun 5K tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s race is going to be a fun run with friends so I’m not going for time … I suspect a 35:00 5K.  Nice needed slow run and a chance to show my Irish roots!  I’ve got my temp tattoos and green fingernail polish all ready to go!


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Shoulders & Arms

Absolutely love this workout!  Weight lifting gloves are a must.  I used to play a lot of softball and the friction from the bat on my palms built up some mean calluses; well weights are no different.  The gloves don’t completely prevent calluses but they do help!  Tony is great in this session; it’s like having a personal training standing right next to you pushing you.

I used to think I was super fit in high school as I was Ms. Varsity Swim this and Varsity softball that and I can remember weight lifting in my parents garage.  I did three different exercises with three sets of 10 a piece.  I was done in maybe 20 minutes tops and I thought I was “the bomb”.  LOL I just carbon dated myself with that one!  When I first started doing P90X weight workouts like Shoulder & Arms I couldn’t believe how many sets he was doing.  When I looked at the workout sheet I thought to myself “there is no way I’m making it through this!  There are 15 different exercises and I have to do them twice!”  Is he crazy????  Yeah he’s crazy and I LOVE it! My “I’m the bomb” routine only did 9 total sets; Tony’s does 30!

Tip Of The Day: “Don’t Smash Your Face”

Bwahahahaha that’s awesome!  Seriously though you can totally smash your face on the lying down tricep extensions so watch it!!!  Also as Tony so often says; don’t let your ego get in the way.  When I was in really good shape I did most of my curl sets with 20lbs or 25lbs – now….not so much.  I’m starting at 15lbs until I can work my way back up.  I figure the first 30 days I’ll stay at 15lbs then up it to 20lbs during the 60 and 90 day marks.  (I did 25lbs a few times and thought I tore my arms off so that’s a bit too ambitious for the first round of P90X)

Total time: 59:53
Total calorie burn: 589

Chase this with some AbRipperX and you’ve had a very nice workout!  Don’t forget your recovery drink.  Super important for muscle repair.

For more information about P90x and other Beachbody products visit www.beachbodycoach.com/MirandaOpiela