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Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

I started this book with a basic understanding that it was going to be in the same genre as The Hunger Games and other dystopia type teen novels.  It was no surprise that the main character of this book is a dejected, and somewhat whiny teenager.  It felt as though every chapter was a repeat of the one before and one great big pity party.  Intro the young attractive male who starts off being standoff-ish but later turns into her protector and hero … and of course romantic interest.  A childhood bond is the only thing that makes the attachment believable.

I couldn’t help but think about Rogue (from the X-Men), when reading about the main character,
Juliette.  The obvious similarity that both of them drain life and cause pain when they touch people.  The difference between the two heroines is their strength of character and intelligence.  Rogue puts on some gloves and then moves on with her life (and becomes a total badass).  Juliette knows of her “gift” and still manages to touch people and hurt them … maybe there weren’t any gloves in her world before Warner introduced them? *sarcasm*

There were so many moments where I found myself skimming over the pages because they were filled with the white noise that was Juliette’s thoughts whenever she thought about Adam (and Warner); which was all the time.  I found the descriptiveness of her thoughts to be over the top odd and just too random for my liking.

A friend recommended this book because I had enjoyed The Hunger Games and The Twilight series (minus that last installment).  This one missed the mark.  I don’t think I’ll be reading the sequel novels.  I’m not even sure I would recommend it as one of those brainless beach reads … you definitely don’t have to use many brain cells to read the book but it did give me a headache at times and lacked the excitement and intrigue I was looking for. Promising plot … just not executed as well.

The book trailer also does nothing to grab my attention.  Yes, I realize it’s just to promote the book and it’s not supposed to be like a movie trailer.  It’s just like the book, only talks about Juliette and does very little to build the world in which she lives.

As always, my hat off to the author for the energy and time commitment it took to create the series … it’s just not for me.

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Shiver by Maggie Steifvater

Shiver is book one in a trilogy of novels by Maggie Steifvater.  The popularity of books like these started with a little series called Twilight…which I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of unless you’ve been living under a rock.  They focus is on paranormal teen romance (some refer to them as teen angst books).  I’ve seen entire sections in Barnes and Noble dedicated to paranormal teen topics.  It would have been fantastic if there were this many choices in this genre when I was a teen.  Nevertheless I’m still alive and kicking so I’ll read any book that interests me regardless of its intended audience.  This book was borrowed from a friend; who consequently didn’t much care for it.
The author has written this book in short chapters and from two first person view points.  That of Grace, the female human lead, and Sam, the male werewolf lead.  Their lives are entwined through an experience that Grace had as a little girl.  Not a fun experience mind you…more of a being almost eaten by wolves experience.  I did find it odd that Grace didn’t attempt to save her life during that encounter but instead depended on Sam to step in.  Maybe shock?

There were many parts in the book that were expanded up on that had nothing to do with the context of the story.  At one point the pair were watching a movie and the author went into great detail as to what was happening in the movie; something about a monster with multiple limbs and so forth.  I’m not sure why the author felt she had to share more with the reader other than “we watched a terrible sci-fi movie filled with tentacles”.  I had a hard time really getting to know either of the characters or their surroundings as they they spent the majority of the story by themselves in bed (just sleeping).

Well I finished the book…which is one of my rules…you can’t start a book unless you’re going to finish it.  The last few chapters had some more exciting activity but not enough to get me to read any more installations in the series (two more).  I’m sure there are those that would enjoy this series but I was not terribly interested.  Cheers to anyone who takes the time and effort to write as not everyone will like your stories.