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Slowing Down The Splits

So my biggest problem is curbing my enthusiasm in anything that I do.  Why would that be a problem?  Well if you’re trying to increase stamina and distance on your runs you need to pace yourself better.  In other words I can’t run a 9 minute mile in the first mile of a four mile run.  My average pace for 4 miles is 10:13/mile.  So when I break out at a sub 9:00 I’m really hurting my chances of making it 4 miles without stopping.  Stopping really kills my motivation and sense of accomplishment.  I’m going for a straight distance run…not an interval run.

Take today’s run for example.  I started a little too fast the beginning and even though I made myself go much slower on the second half of the first mile the damage was already done.


I did okay for mile two and three but mile four I really started to drag.  I need to keep my pace no faster than 10:00/mile for the first three miles.  On mile four and five I can increase my pace if I’m able to.

I’m still carrying too much weight to go much faster.  I’ve got another 30 lbs to lose before I feel comfortable to pursue a 10 mile goal.  I’d like to be there by January 1st but that is too ambitious for me.  I’m not much of a dieter and I’m trying to slowly modify my calorie intake so it’s something I can maintain versus a diet fad.  Sure I could do Weight Watchers and drop 35 lbs by Christmas but I KNOW I would gain it all back.  Yup…slow and steady…that’s me!
Going to try and double up on cardio today with a quick swim tonight (pending schedule and whether the pool is open for lap swimming).  Post swim workouts are the BEST feeling in the world…even better than post yoga workouts.  Both stretch but swimming does wonders for all my trouble spots (especially my back – love the stretch on the flip turns)
  • Warm-Up (1200)
    • 200 Free
    • 200 Back
    • 300 Kick (alternate 50s with free and breast)
    • 500 Pull (with paddles and buoy)
  • Sets (1375)
    • 10 x 50 Free on 1:00
    • 5 x 100 IM Drill on 2:00
    • 5 x 75 IM Swim w/15 second rest
  • Warm Down (200)
    • 100 Free
    • 100 Back
Total: 2775 meters (estimated time: 60 minutes)

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Back In The Swing Of Things

Well that was an unwanted hiatus!  Out of commission for several months with serious medical “concern” but now I’m at 90% and ready to push myself too far!  Just kidding; but no really that’s a horrible habit of mine.  I’ve gone ahead and signed up for two 5K races in March (one this weekend).  I haven’t run in ages and I’m what you might call a #fitfatty but I’m determined!  Shoot I already got a 14 lbs head start on the weight loss because of my medical “concern”.  I plan on keeping it going as I have another 65 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight.  I think I can pull it off in 365 days!

Just upped my +Klout and nabbed a #FitnessWalkman from +Sony which I can’t wait to try out with my runs.  Walkman sounds kind of 90’s but this thing is awesome.  It’s a wireless MP3 player headset.  Sync it up and wear it!  Sounds super easy and I’m totally in to trying the new waterproof version they have coming out.  To be able to swim with music must be amazing!  I know that has been around for awhile but I’ve never had an interest in listening to tunes while swimming.  I’ve always been so focused on lap counting and pace but it might just be that extra boost that gets me through a hard set.

I had a wicked awesome run today; well wicked awesome for me after not running for ages!  Starting using a new app for the #Droid called +RunKeeper and I LOVE how it uses GPS to track my route, speed, time, etc.  Amazing!  Sure beats having one of those hip counters clipped on my waistband.  Those things are horrendously inaccurate.

I’m planning on running three days a week to start.  On weeks that I have 5K runs I’ll run twice during the week.  On off weeks I’ll run MWF.  My goal is to make to a 10K by September 2013.  That’s a bit over 6 miles and a far cry from the 3.35 I ran/walked today (see above) but I think I can do it!  There is something about “Spring Forward” that just puts me in the mood to exercise.  It’s probably because I’m starting to dislike winter and look forward to long days and sunny weather.

In addition to running 3x a week I’m also going to pick up swimming on the weekends I don’t have 5K races.  I miss it and hopefully by that point I’ll have that new waterproof #FitnessWalkman from Sony .  I will continue to obsess over Tony Horton and his P90X program.  My goal with that is to finish 4 rounds by this time next year to so I can start P90X2 at my new goal weight.

Until next time!  Wish me motivation and no injuries!