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When Coffee Attacks

Morning Coffee Kisses

When your morning coffee is just too damn excited to see you it has to give you a morning kiss … 

Too often I’m attacked by my coffee when I’m driving.  It’s that constant drip that you don’t realize is happening every time you take a sip.  Eventually you notice that your pant legs are wet … if you’re lucky.  Other times you don’t notice you’ve got it down your shirt until a co-worker points it out or your checking out your hair in the bathroom.

This only happens to me at Starbucks … which tells me I’m not the problem (always my first go to theory).  No problems at Dunkin Donuts, Peet’s Coffee, Caribou Coffee, Tim Hortons, etc…

Why does this happen?  I have a theory that involves the cup design and the proper preparation of coffee.

  1. Poor cup design -it always leaks along the crease
  2. Sip hole isn’t lined up properly with set cup design
  3. Filled to the brim – Too much coffee! I’m all about value for money but when I’m paying for dry cleaning to combat the coffee stains on my nice clothes it defeats the purpose. Starbucks is already overpriced so why make it even more expensive?
  4. Lid isn’t pressed down all the way – I know the staff is busy but it’s so important the lid is secure.  I’ve had it fall off when it’s been passed to me through the drive thru window.  It’s popped off while picking it up.  It has been only on part way and then I’m basically pouring it down my shirt.  Yes I’ve learned the hard way that I need to triple check the lid security — but I shouldn’t have to do that for a $3 cup of coffee.
While I love the customer service and ambiance at Starbucks, I’m not in love with how they serve their coffee.  PLEASE FIX YOUR CUPS!
End rant.