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Back In The Swing Of Things

Well that was an unwanted hiatus!  Out of commission for several months with serious medical “concern” but now I’m at 90% and ready to push myself too far!  Just kidding; but no really that’s a horrible habit of mine.  I’ve gone ahead and signed up for two 5K races in March (one this weekend).  I haven’t run in ages and I’m what you might call a #fitfatty but I’m determined!  Shoot I already got a 14 lbs head start on the weight loss because of my medical “concern”.  I plan on keeping it going as I have another 65 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight.  I think I can pull it off in 365 days!

Just upped my +Klout and nabbed a #FitnessWalkman from +Sony which I can’t wait to try out with my runs.  Walkman sounds kind of 90’s but this thing is awesome.  It’s a wireless MP3 player headset.  Sync it up and wear it!  Sounds super easy and I’m totally in to trying the new waterproof version they have coming out.  To be able to swim with music must be amazing!  I know that has been around for awhile but I’ve never had an interest in listening to tunes while swimming.  I’ve always been so focused on lap counting and pace but it might just be that extra boost that gets me through a hard set.

I had a wicked awesome run today; well wicked awesome for me after not running for ages!  Starting using a new app for the #Droid called +RunKeeper and I LOVE how it uses GPS to track my route, speed, time, etc.  Amazing!  Sure beats having one of those hip counters clipped on my waistband.  Those things are horrendously inaccurate.

I’m planning on running three days a week to start.  On weeks that I have 5K runs I’ll run twice during the week.  On off weeks I’ll run MWF.  My goal is to make to a 10K by September 2013.  That’s a bit over 6 miles and a far cry from the 3.35 I ran/walked today (see above) but I think I can do it!  There is something about “Spring Forward” that just puts me in the mood to exercise.  It’s probably because I’m starting to dislike winter and look forward to long days and sunny weather.

In addition to running 3x a week I’m also going to pick up swimming on the weekends I don’t have 5K races.  I miss it and hopefully by that point I’ll have that new waterproof #FitnessWalkman from Sony .  I will continue to obsess over Tony Horton and his P90X program.  My goal with that is to finish 4 rounds by this time next year to so I can start P90X2 at my new goal weight.

Until next time!  Wish me motivation and no injuries!

Kempo X · P90X

Kempo X

This has got to be the “sweatiest” workout in the set!  It’s fast paced and you’re done before you know it; which is amazing because it’s one of the longer workouts.  There is a nice long warm-up at the beginning with a Saunders cycle which feels oh so good for the back and sides.  

My only challenge with this workout is the speed at which some of the sets are done.  I can do most of them just fine as you fall into a rhythm but one or two are a bit faster than the rest and I find myself falling behind in order to preserve form.  You have to make sure you rotate your body while rotating on the ball of your foot.  If you rotate your body and keep your feet planted you run the risk of wrenching your knee which totally sucks!  I know a few people who actually pause some of these sets and count out the repetitions on their own and then fast forward to the next set.  Chase this workout with a glass of water and a nice cool shower and you’ll feel oh so good!

Length: 58:46
Calories burned: 694

Tip Of The Day:  Don’t bang your joints  (easier said than done!)
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bands · Legs and Back · P90X · pull-up bar

Legs & Back

This workout has got to be my “go to” workout.  I haven’t actually done the full P90X routine for several months but I do this workout at least once a week because it hits the important muscle groups.  Strong legs are super important and this workout is killer for legs!  If you’ve never done it and you thought you were sore after Plyometrics this one is going to do you in!  You’ll be sore for days BUT the next time you do it won’t be so bad.  Argghhh those Sneaky Lunges kill me but they’re actually my favorite!

You’ll need a pull-up bar and if you’re like me and have never been able to do a pull-up in your life you’ll need bands.  I have green, blue and black bands.  The green is the easier of the two and the black is the hardest.  As you can tell by the photo I’m using the blue/middle band.  You can do the “pull-up” exercises seated or kneeling you just need to be sure you get the right angle.

Remember water is your friend!

Length of workout: 59 minutes
Calories burned: 797

For information about P90X and other Beachbody products visit www.beachbodycoach.com/MirandaOpiela

AbRipperX · P90X · Shoulders and Arms · Tony Horton · weight lifting gloves · weights

Shoulders & Arms

Absolutely love this workout!  Weight lifting gloves are a must.  I used to play a lot of softball and the friction from the bat on my palms built up some mean calluses; well weights are no different.  The gloves don’t completely prevent calluses but they do help!  Tony is great in this session; it’s like having a personal training standing right next to you pushing you.

I used to think I was super fit in high school as I was Ms. Varsity Swim this and Varsity softball that and I can remember weight lifting in my parents garage.  I did three different exercises with three sets of 10 a piece.  I was done in maybe 20 minutes tops and I thought I was “the bomb”.  LOL I just carbon dated myself with that one!  When I first started doing P90X weight workouts like Shoulder & Arms I couldn’t believe how many sets he was doing.  When I looked at the workout sheet I thought to myself “there is no way I’m making it through this!  There are 15 different exercises and I have to do them twice!”  Is he crazy????  Yeah he’s crazy and I LOVE it! My “I’m the bomb” routine only did 9 total sets; Tony’s does 30!

Tip Of The Day: “Don’t Smash Your Face”

Bwahahahaha that’s awesome!  Seriously though you can totally smash your face on the lying down tricep extensions so watch it!!!  Also as Tony so often says; don’t let your ego get in the way.  When I was in really good shape I did most of my curl sets with 20lbs or 25lbs – now….not so much.  I’m starting at 15lbs until I can work my way back up.  I figure the first 30 days I’ll stay at 15lbs then up it to 20lbs during the 60 and 90 day marks.  (I did 25lbs a few times and thought I tore my arms off so that’s a bit too ambitious for the first round of P90X)

Total time: 59:53
Total calorie burn: 589

Chase this with some AbRipperX and you’ve had a very nice workout!  Don’t forget your recovery drink.  Super important for muscle repair.

For more information about P90x and other Beachbody products visit www.beachbodycoach.com/MirandaOpiela

hydrate · P90X


Okay I’ll be honest this is routine is my least favorite of all the P90X routines; but only when I’m out of shape.  Once I’m in shape I LOVE it.  Why do I hate it when I’m out of shape?  Because when you’re overweight and even marginally out of shape it’s very hard to complete a jumping workout like P90X Plyometrics (plyo for short).

I just completed Day 2 of my fifth go around of the P90x program.  This is the first time I’ve done plyo in about three months and I’m pleased to say that I didn’t have to hit pause even once!  However, it’s okay to hit pause and even when I was at my peak fitness level I found myself hitting pause or even stopping the workout because I felt sick.  This workout is so demanding you need to be healthy (not sporting a cold/flu) and hydrated.  I’d say my number one downfall is not being hydrated.  Forget it if you have a headache or drank too much coffee (again the hydration factor)

Total Calorie Burn: 732

Do: Drink 16 ounces of water two hours before this workout and make sure to have plenty of water handy.
Do: Wear shoes that fit well and that have plenty of cushion
Do: Use a heart rate monitor (so important so you don’t pass out!!!)
Do: Modify a set if you feel you can’t make it; try to avoid stopping all together

Don’t: Drink a ton of water right before your workout or binge drink during your workout.  Little sips.  There is nothing worse than trying to ROCKSTAR hop with a stomach full of water #fail
Don’t: Pause this workout and think you can come back five minutes later.  You’re done
Don’t: Sit down!  Keep moving!  Even if you have pause it for 30seconds or a minute you have to keep moving or your muscles will tighten up.  Don’t lose the momentum!

For more information about P90X and other Beachbody products visit www.beachbodycoach.com/MirandaOpiela

P90X · Shakeology · Tony Horton

And The Quest Begins

I’ve been searching for something to get my fitness kick started.  Sure I can use the excuses that so many other people do:

I don’t have time
I have an office job (thus I sit all day)
I have children
I’m in school
I don’t have money and healthy food is more expensive

And the list goes on and on.  There are ways around all of these things and I’m going to find them and share them with you.  I’ve been 50-75lbs overweight for the past 10 years and I’m SICK AND TIRED of it!!!  I’m fairly fit but I’ve got all this baggage I’m carrying around.  I don’t feel that bad but I don’t like the way I look.  I want to be a size 10 (so I’ve got a ways to go!), I want to feel better than “that bad” and most of all I want to be healthy for myself and my family.  I want to be able to do 10 pull-ups (I’ve  never been able to do even one!)  Wouldn’t mind throwing a triathlon and a Mudder in there too!  And the quest begins with my signing up as a Beachbody coach to both motivate myself and others through awesome products like P90X (which I totally love) and Shakeology (which I can’t wait to try!!).  There will be more more to come and I’ll even throw in some videos where you all can make fun of me if you like!  Can’t wait!  It’s going to be a blast!  Now I’m off to go jump my way through 700 calories on Tony Horton’s P90X Plyometrics!

You can find me on Beachbody at www.beachbodycoach.com/MirandaOpiela. Let’s hit the WOWY Supergym together!