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2017 New Year’s Resolutions: Swimmers Take Your Mark

The start of the New Year takes me back to memories of standing nervously in the swimmers waiting area trying not to psych myself out for the race ahead.  As I listen to other swimmers talking about split times and snapping caps and goggles into place I can’t help but run through all my anxieties:

  • What is my strategy going to be?
  • What is everyone else’s strategy?
  • What happens if I don’t hit my rhythm
  • What if my tools fail me and I’m unable to see my goal marks?
  • What if I don’t pivot correctly or as fast when needed?
  • Am I going to have enough stamina?
  • What if I do worse than I did on my last attempt?
  • If I fail will people laugh at me?

All of these things go through my head when I’m thinking about my New Year’s resolutions. To be honest I haven’t put together a list just yet. I’m more than a bit hesitant as I walk into this race’s waiting area. What do I make my goals for this year? Does the standard lose weight and be more successful make the list as the primary spots? Do I want to be that general or do I want more specific goals that are success orientated?

My strategy for goal setting should be one that allows for benchmark wins so as I move through the year I’m fueled by successes that motivate me to do better, do more. Building on a multitude of small wins allows for the flexibility to change tactics as needed without sacrificing ground already achieved.

While I can certainly learn from others and how what works for them – I can’t let everyone else’s strategy influence what mine is going to be. It can be intimidating and create a feeling of uncertainty if you’re not doing what others are doing. Am I doing it wrong or are they? That shouldn’t be a part of thought process. If it works for you and you’re meeting your goals throughout the year – keep at it.

Hitting a rhythm in goal achievement can be extremely motivational. If I’m not hitting goals on a regular basis I feel like I’m out of sync and that my activities are not moving the needle. It’s important to make sure your goals are attainable so you can develop a rhythm for success.

Making sure you have the right tools at your disposal is extremely important. Tools can be people, technology and any resource that allows for you to be productive. If you find that you are having problems reaching your goal you may want to evaluate and invest in the tools at your disposal. I’m going to give a shout out to one of my favorite productivity tools: MindNode. Fabulous for organizing ideas and note taking! Tip: Stay organized!!

Being able to accept that your methods for goal achievement may not be working is extremely important. You need to be able to realize that and pivot, and pivot quickly. Don’t waste time on failed strategy. Use it as an opportunity to redesign your strategy and share your knowledge with others to help them build their strategies around your learned experiences.

Having enough stamina to reach your goals is important. Building stamina involves training and repetition. Don’t just reach your goal – CRUSH IT.

One thing that paralyzes is the fear of doing worse than you did before. Avoiding this fear while playing craps may not be the most lucrative of decisions  – but if you take a different approach and just keep at it you’re bound to get different results. It’s finding that right combination of actions + timing that is important. You do have to eventually make the decision to cut losses if it appears that the goal really is unattainable or no longer makes sense.

Don’t worry about people laughing at you for you failing.  They’re really just jealous and in awe that you have the guts to keep at it.  Reminds me of that one time playing softball when instead of sliding feet first on a steal at 3rd base I wanted to try hands first. I ended up flipping over and was safe, because the ball was never thrown, and everyone laughed at me. I loved it – because I tried something different and even though it was a horrific fail, I walked away with that feeling that at least I tried it. That was over 20 years ago … if I tried that now I probably would need to be carted away on a stretcher!

These are all things to think about when setting your New Year’s resolutions. Having that yearly reset button on the status of your goals is refreshing and offers the opportunity to take a step back and strategize. It does not mean that you get to abandon the race! Heats get called up one by one and it’s finally your turn to step up on the block … and TAKE YOUR MARK!

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2016 New Year Resolutions: Healthy Body + Healthy Mind

2016 New Year Resolutions

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind

I’m definitely going to focus more on running. I didn’t do that much better in 2015 than I did in 2014 which needs to change. That’s why I’m really pushing on my goal of 1,000 miles run in 2016. This means I’m really going to have to step up my stretching routines.

It’s important to look at how far you’ve come so you know what you are capable of doing … and then push myself farther.

Maybe a 5K? (2012) New Balance
310 miles (2013) Asics something or other
608 miles (2014) Newtons / Nike Air Zoom Structure 17
695 miles (2015) Nike Air Zoom Structure 18

Yeah it’s time to change my shoes again … and if I’m going to have a goal of 1,000 miles that means I’m going to have to get another new pair of shoes half way through the year. No more running with holes in the bottom of the shoes. It’s especially worn on the balls of my feet. Same spot on all my shoes.

2016 Running Goal: 1000 miles
2016 Books read: 24 (that’s only two a month)
Gonna hit the pool again too:)
Go big or go home right?

Workout routine

Early Morning: T25
Lunch: 30 Minute run + 20 Minutes weights and calisthetics
Evening: 100 minute speed walk or swim (once a week)

Saturday (early morning) long run (8-10 miles)
Saturday (evening) KenpoX
Sunday (early morning) Yoga
Sunday (evening) Core work

New Year Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

2013 was a very busy year; but we say that every year don’t we?  I’ve definitely exceeded my fitness goals but failed on my dietary goals.  I did not really have a weight loss goal; it was almost as if I wanted to see how much weight I could lose simply by exercising more and it’s obvious you can but now I’ve plateaued and diet is a must!  Fitness is the easy part for me and the opposite can be said about diet.

In 2013 I lost 22 lbs by running 314 miles and continuing with a vigorous weight lifting program.  I worked

2013 RunKeeper Stats (Running only)

on getting some swim sessions in but those were too few and far between.  My running totals for 2012 and 2011 were both 3.1 miles as I ran  a single 5K race each year.  I’ve always hated running…until this year.  I’ve found a grove and can run anywhere from 3-6 miles depending on how well I’ve hydrated, whether I’m sick or not, and my joints are feeling.  I’ve got another 44 lbs to lose until I reach my goal weight.  Once I’ve obtained 50% of that I think that running will become so much easier.

Here’s to a better 2014 where my goals will be:

  • Eat healthier
  • Eat fewer calories (1200 – after factoring in calories needed for fitness goals)
  • Lose 44 lbs (i.e. 2 sizes)
  • Run 3-4 times per week (3 short and 1 long); total mileage 750
  • Swim 2 times per week (cardio goal: 10 x 100 on a 1:20 or less pace)
  • Continue with weights focusing on back and chest
  • Yoga at least once per week (yeah my back hurts from all the sitting done at work and commuting)
  • Bento box queen – yes I want to get really good at making these (they have to taste and look good too)
  • No sweet/snack binges!
  • Drink less coffee and more water!
  • Finish my MBA (only 5 weeks left to go!)
I’m sure there are other items I should be adding to this list but all of the above fit together very well and if I take it one day at a time with better planning and a higher level of commitment I can do it! 
Okay that’s my pep talk to myself for the year:)