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Legs & Back

This workout has got to be my “go to” workout.  I haven’t actually done the full P90X routine for several months but I do this workout at least once a week because it hits the important muscle groups.  Strong legs are super important and this workout is killer for legs!  If you’ve never done it and you thought you were sore after Plyometrics this one is going to do you in!  You’ll be sore for days BUT the next time you do it won’t be so bad.  Argghhh those Sneaky Lunges kill me but they’re actually my favorite!

You’ll need a pull-up bar and if you’re like me and have never been able to do a pull-up in your life you’ll need bands.  I have green, blue and black bands.  The green is the easier of the two and the black is the hardest.  As you can tell by the photo I’m using the blue/middle band.  You can do the “pull-up” exercises seated or kneeling you just need to be sure you get the right angle.

Remember water is your friend!

Length of workout: 59 minutes
Calories burned: 797

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