Kempo X · P90X

Kempo X

This has got to be the “sweatiest” workout in the set!  It’s fast paced and you’re done before you know it; which is amazing because it’s one of the longer workouts.  There is a nice long warm-up at the beginning with a Saunders cycle which feels oh so good for the back and sides.  

My only challenge with this workout is the speed at which some of the sets are done.  I can do most of them just fine as you fall into a rhythm but one or two are a bit faster than the rest and I find myself falling behind in order to preserve form.  You have to make sure you rotate your body while rotating on the ball of your foot.  If you rotate your body and keep your feet planted you run the risk of wrenching your knee which totally sucks!  I know a few people who actually pause some of these sets and count out the repetitions on their own and then fast forward to the next set.  Chase this workout with a glass of water and a nice cool shower and you’ll feel oh so good!

Length: 58:46
Calories burned: 694

Tip Of The Day:  Don’t bang your joints  (easier said than done!)
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