hydrate · P90X


Okay I’ll be honest this is routine is my least favorite of all the P90X routines; but only when I’m out of shape.  Once I’m in shape I LOVE it.  Why do I hate it when I’m out of shape?  Because when you’re overweight and even marginally out of shape it’s very hard to complete a jumping workout like P90X Plyometrics (plyo for short).

I just completed Day 2 of my fifth go around of the P90x program.  This is the first time I’ve done plyo in about three months and I’m pleased to say that I didn’t have to hit pause even once!  However, it’s okay to hit pause and even when I was at my peak fitness level I found myself hitting pause or even stopping the workout because I felt sick.  This workout is so demanding you need to be healthy (not sporting a cold/flu) and hydrated.  I’d say my number one downfall is not being hydrated.  Forget it if you have a headache or drank too much coffee (again the hydration factor)

Total Calorie Burn: 732

Do: Drink 16 ounces of water two hours before this workout and make sure to have plenty of water handy.
Do: Wear shoes that fit well and that have plenty of cushion
Do: Use a heart rate monitor (so important so you don’t pass out!!!)
Do: Modify a set if you feel you can’t make it; try to avoid stopping all together

Don’t: Drink a ton of water right before your workout or binge drink during your workout.  Little sips.  There is nothing worse than trying to ROCKSTAR hop with a stomach full of water #fail
Don’t: Pause this workout and think you can come back five minutes later.  You’re done
Don’t: Sit down!  Keep moving!  Even if you have pause it for 30seconds or a minute you have to keep moving or your muscles will tighten up.  Don’t lose the momentum!

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