angel · demons · paranormal · romance

Beauty Awakened: By Gena Showalter

Yet another quality paranormal romance set in a world full of demons and angels. This one focuses on Koldo who is part demon, part angel.  His mum is not a nice person.  Won’t tell you why but he had a rough upbringing which was even further compounded by his violent father.  Intriguing story about a set of human twins that are dogged by evil spirits which causes them to become seriously ill with heart issues.  Good thing Koldo takes a liking to Nicola and rescues her twin sister from impending death with the water of life.  For there it’s a lot of demon chasing and confronting his parents.  Wonder if he’ll get his wings back…

This novel falls into a beach read category.  We’ll written with an engaging plot but not so engaging that you get a headache reading it or heaven forbid (pun intended) you fall sleep out of boredom.