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Chocolate Java – Shakeology®


1 packet Starbucks Via® Columbian Coffee
1 packet Chocolate Shakeology®
12 ounces of water
6 ice cubes
I prepped the coffee an hour before I actually made the shake.  I like my shakes COLD.  Boiled 12 ounces of water and added it to a mug with the Starbucks Via® Columbian Coffee packet.  Stirred and put in the freezer.  After the coffee cooled down I poured it into the blender with 6 ice cubes and the Chocolate Shakeology® packet and blended.
Pretty darn good!  I’m a coffee addict so this was a special treat for me as I’m trying to wean myself off the caffeine.  
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Chocolate Covered Strawberries with an Almond Twist – Shakeology®


1 packet chocolate Shakeology®

1 cup Silk® Almond milk
1 cup frozen organic strawberries
4 ice cubes
I’m totally in love with the almond milk!  Only 60 calories for one cup and it’s delicious!  I had to stop myself from eating the frozen strawberries before they were thrown in the blender.  Talk about a healthy snack that takes awhile to eat (very cold on the teeth).  

This shake is delicious and has got to be my favorite recipe for the chocolate Shakeology® thus far.  I actually over estimated the calories on this one.  The last chocolate shake I made had a banana in it and that added a lot of calories.  This one was only 333 total!  I’ll need to eat a snack later this evening in order to eat ENOUGH calories for the day!  How weird is that?  Love it!

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Chocolate Pina Colada with an Almond Twist


1 single serve packet of chocolate Shakeology®

1 medium sized banana
1 container Dole® pineapple tidbits
1 1/2 cups Silk Pure Almond Original® almond milk
Okay here comes the hard part – but it all in a blender and turn it on!  Pulse until you get desired consistency.  Please note that the banana makes this a pretty thick shake.  If you want it not so thick then add more of the almond milk or even some water OR you can take out the banana all together or half it.  Can’t really taste the pineapple so you might want to add two of the tidbit containers or skip it all together.  Not a bad mix though.  Decent amount of calories but they are good healthy ingredients!
Here are the nutrition facts
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Lucky Duck Tempranillo Spain

So I’m checking out the bottle to see where it says what type of wine it is; you know Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz etc.  I looked the bottle over thoroughly and found that I needed to actually Google Tempranillo.  Turns out it is a type of Spanish grape that ripens earlier than others.  The label Tempranillo wine actually refers to the type of Spanish grape used.  It is sometimes mixed with other red wines but with Lucky Duck it is purely Tempranillo. I always like trying new things!

The wine itself is very dark in color.  Digging the dark cherry flavors along with the bite of the bittersweet dark chocolate.  Leaves a bit of a spice after taste and even 5-10 minutes after swallowing a sip I can still taste the flavors on my pallet.  I tried the wine with olives as suggested on the back of the bottle and the combination was so delicious!  I don’t care too much for olives by themselves as they are usually too salty but the bittersweet in the wine complimented the saltiness of the olives perfectly.  Moved on from olives to pasta with vegetable garden sauce and the combination with the wine was satisfactory.  You really need to try it with some salty foods like cheese or olives to get the full affect.  I’d serve this at a dinner party with appetizers.  It’s a bit to bitter for me to enjoy on its own in large quantities (half a glass tops when drinking it solo).  Great wine for the price (~$5).