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Creeping on the Sub 30 5K

I’ve been working a lot lately on improving my 5K speed.  A few weeks ago I managed to run the entire 3.1 miles without stopping which was a much needed benchmark.  My challenge is running too fast at the beginning and burning out.  My pace today was 10:02/mile which is way better than my previous best at 10:36/mile.  The key was not going to fast at the beginning.  My previous pace would be just under 9:00 minutes for the first mile.  This time I kept my pace at 9:50 for the first two miles and was able to keep it up (until the last quarter mile or so).

I’ve come to realize that the temperature outside has a great deal to do with how successful I am with running a complete 5K without stopping.  Last week the temps were in the low 90’s which was way too hot for me!  Running in high 60’s or low 70’s is perfect!  I think nothing more than mid 80’s is going to work for me.  Too bad temps can hit the triple digits in the warm months.

Body Glide for her chaffing gelA sub 30 on a 5K is my goal which means I need to maintain below a 9:40/mile.  Sounds easy enough yes?  It’ll be a lot easier when I drop the 65 lbs I want to lose.  For now I’ll just be content with improving bit by bit.   I love the RunKeeper app for logging my time and keeping me on track while I’m running.  I’ve become so dependent on it I don’t know that I’d want to run without it!  Also my sister turned me on to “Body Glide” to help with the friction burns on the bottom of my feet.  It does wonders!!