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This time last year I was running in my first 5K of the season.  My mileage run over the past 4 years is as follows:

2011 – 3.10 miles (yes I did one 5K)
2012 – 3.10 miles (yes … the same 5K again)
2013 – 314 miles (the same 5K and then some)
2014 – 96 miles YTD

I ran the Lucky Leprechaun 5K in Reston a year ago tomorrow.  My time for that race was upwards 39 minutes.  You can see my splits just to the right. (Please note that last year’s splits are not from the race … these are from a few days later but within a week of that time and at the same fitness level). I started off at a “fast” pace and got steadily slower.  I just couldn’t keep up. After about 1.25 miles I had to walk.  The rest of the race was a run/walk and my sister was nice enough to stay with me the whole time.

I was mortified that I couldn’t make it a 5K without stopping.  But honestly … what did I expect?  I was overweight, out of shape, and did zero training for the event.  It was the push I needed to become more aggressive about my fitness.

Since that race last year I’ve dropped approximately 30lbs. just from running and increased weight lifting regiments.  I really need to adjust my diet as I’ve definitely hit a weight loss plateau with my fitness sessions.  I still have plenty of fitness goals to reach and the weight is definitely a barrier.  It’s tough for me to run more than 3x per week and if run farther than 5 miles my joints really feel the stress.

Goal for 2014 is to lose another 50lbs.  That’s ambitious I know … but I’d be happy with 35lbs.  Actually that’s probably where I’ll end up.

I ran my best 5K time today (outside) at 28:18.  That’s an 11 minute drop off my time…basically I could run an extra mile (and then some) if I had 40 minutes.

To the left are my splits from today’s run.  I started off at a sub 9:00/minute pace.  I almost slowed down because I didn’t think I could maintain that pace but I surprised  myself.  The slower miles were a result of some hills but I did relatively well.  Well time to get end this blog post and get ready for the Lucky Leprechaun 5K tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s race is going to be a fun run with friends so I’m not going for time … I suspect a 35:00 5K.  Nice needed slow run and a chance to show my Irish roots!  I’ve got my temp tattoos and green fingernail polish all ready to go!


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Newton Motion

Newton Motion for #stability

I’ve hit that 300 mile mark and then some … time for new running shoes!!!  I’ve traded in my +ASICS for +Newton Running Motion shoes and the first run was great.  I pulled a no-no and ran farther than I should have for the premiere run.  The sales guy at The Running Store said to give these shoes two weeks to break in and to keep the distance to one mile per day.

Oops … just ran a quick 3.28 miles (couldn’t resist!!).  The shoes felt great and I didn’t feel any pain until about 2.75 miles when my right arch, achilles and knee started feeling discomfort.  I was warned against possible plantar fasciitis with this shoe and I can see where that is a strong possibility.  I’ve also heard that it’s pretty quick to recover from. I can’t completely attribute it to the new shoes as I’ve been having problems with the right leg for a few weeks now.  However, I probably should have listened and kept the run short.  Fastest outdoor 5K time (i.e. not on a treadmill) and a great pace:)

Tried a new pair of socks with these shoes too…also from The Running Store.  The Balega Zulu quarter socks worked great to absorb and they had plenty of cushion.  No friction burns for me today!!

Happy running:)

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Creeping on the Sub 30 5K

I’ve been working a lot lately on improving my 5K speed.  A few weeks ago I managed to run the entire 3.1 miles without stopping which was a much needed benchmark.  My challenge is running too fast at the beginning and burning out.  My pace today was 10:02/mile which is way better than my previous best at 10:36/mile.  The key was not going to fast at the beginning.  My previous pace would be just under 9:00 minutes for the first mile.  This time I kept my pace at 9:50 for the first two miles and was able to keep it up (until the last quarter mile or so).

I’ve come to realize that the temperature outside has a great deal to do with how successful I am with running a complete 5K without stopping.  Last week the temps were in the low 90’s which was way too hot for me!  Running in high 60’s or low 70’s is perfect!  I think nothing more than mid 80’s is going to work for me.  Too bad temps can hit the triple digits in the warm months.

Body Glide for her chaffing gelA sub 30 on a 5K is my goal which means I need to maintain below a 9:40/mile.  Sounds easy enough yes?  It’ll be a lot easier when I drop the 65 lbs I want to lose.  For now I’ll just be content with improving bit by bit.   I love the RunKeeper app for logging my time and keeping me on track while I’m running.  I’ve become so dependent on it I don’t know that I’d want to run without it!  Also my sister turned me on to “Body Glide” to help with the friction burns on the bottom of my feet.  It does wonders!!


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Lucky Leprechaun 5K – Reston Town Center

Made it out to the Lucky Leprechaun 5K at Reston Town Center this morning with my sister.  This was a first for both of us and we’ll definitely be back again next year!  The race was put on by Potomac River Running and had additional sponsorship from Clyde’s Restaurant, Fast Track and Endurance Athlete Center.  Big turn out and it was full of green, rainbows, leprechauns, kilts and bagpipes.

We picked up our packets no problem the morning of the race right at the Potomac River Running store.  I desperately need new running shoes and I had ample opportunity to eyeball all of the shoes while I waited in line to grab my packet. The pair below is just what I want!!  I’ve read from reviews they are a bit narrow but that might be better for my feet as they slide around a bit now in my +New Balance shoes.  I absolutely love the colors on these +ASICS Gel-Nimbus 14 grape/pink shoes!  Just need to save up the $140 retail for them.  Whew!  I saw them in action on a few runners and I was instantly jealous!  I also saw a few ladies running in Coach shoes which was amusing as those are more for fashion than functionality but hey if it works….

Gel-Nimbus 14 from Asics
The weather held up nicely for the actual race.  Only a few spots of rain at the end.  We had plenty of layers on as it was pretty chilly with the morning wind; temps were okay at 44 degrees.  There were so many people there and they were all different ages.  I had been fighting off flu like symptoms this week so I was a bit under the weather this morning but did fairly well.  This is my third run in a long time and only my second 5K distance in about 9 months.  Thanks to +RunKeeper for being an awesome app and tracking my workout!

We finished in just over 39 minutes which isn’t great but it felt good; plenty of room for improvement.  Made it 1.25 miles without walking and then from that point it was a walk .10 miles/run .75 miles type finish.    My sister was super nice and ran with me the whole time (she totally could have smoked me at sub 30 but chose not to!).  She’s going to have a lot of solo training ahead of her for the +Marine Corps Marathon this fall.

After the run they had plenty of water for us and folks were lining up for the Irish food from Clyde’s.  We ended up waiting in line for a good 25 minutes for the food and decided not to double that by waiting in the drink line even though there was a Bailey’s coffee with my name on it!  The Irish burrito easily added back on the 594 calories I burned that morning; but it was well worth it!  Come on….corned beef, potatoes, egg and cheddar cheese rolled up in a burrito of deliciousness?  Not a bad way to refuel:)
Even as we were leaving the town center the ‘after party’ was just getting started.  There was a band getting ready to play on stage, more food and drinks and events for the children.  They need to start bringing in moon bounces for adults #justsaying.  Next 5K is in two weeks in Arlington, VA.  Hopefully I’ll have a new pair of +ASICS or +New Balance and my +Sony #fitnesswalkman to help me get closer to my goal of a sub 30:00 time on the 5K!  Once I hit that goal then it will be time to move on to 10K races.  Wohoo!!

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Back In The Swing Of Things

Well that was an unwanted hiatus!  Out of commission for several months with serious medical “concern” but now I’m at 90% and ready to push myself too far!  Just kidding; but no really that’s a horrible habit of mine.  I’ve gone ahead and signed up for two 5K races in March (one this weekend).  I haven’t run in ages and I’m what you might call a #fitfatty but I’m determined!  Shoot I already got a 14 lbs head start on the weight loss because of my medical “concern”.  I plan on keeping it going as I have another 65 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight.  I think I can pull it off in 365 days!

Just upped my +Klout and nabbed a #FitnessWalkman from +Sony which I can’t wait to try out with my runs.  Walkman sounds kind of 90’s but this thing is awesome.  It’s a wireless MP3 player headset.  Sync it up and wear it!  Sounds super easy and I’m totally in to trying the new waterproof version they have coming out.  To be able to swim with music must be amazing!  I know that has been around for awhile but I’ve never had an interest in listening to tunes while swimming.  I’ve always been so focused on lap counting and pace but it might just be that extra boost that gets me through a hard set.

I had a wicked awesome run today; well wicked awesome for me after not running for ages!  Starting using a new app for the #Droid called +RunKeeper and I LOVE how it uses GPS to track my route, speed, time, etc.  Amazing!  Sure beats having one of those hip counters clipped on my waistband.  Those things are horrendously inaccurate.

I’m planning on running three days a week to start.  On weeks that I have 5K runs I’ll run twice during the week.  On off weeks I’ll run MWF.  My goal is to make to a 10K by September 2013.  That’s a bit over 6 miles and a far cry from the 3.35 I ran/walked today (see above) but I think I can do it!  There is something about “Spring Forward” that just puts me in the mood to exercise.  It’s probably because I’m starting to dislike winter and look forward to long days and sunny weather.

In addition to running 3x a week I’m also going to pick up swimming on the weekends I don’t have 5K races.  I miss it and hopefully by that point I’ll have that new waterproof #FitnessWalkman from Sony .  I will continue to obsess over Tony Horton and his P90X program.  My goal with that is to finish 4 rounds by this time next year to so I can start P90X2 at my new goal weight.

Until next time!  Wish me motivation and no injuries!

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Runner Wanna Be

My sister has talked me into training for a half marathon.  I had mentioned doing as many 5k (3.1 miles) runs as we possibly could and then bumping it up to a 10k (6.2 miles).  I like how she skipped that part and went right for the 13.1 mile run.  Seriously?  You realize I’m 5 ft 5inches and 75 lbs over weight right?  Also you can’t forget that all my height is in my torso; I’m cursed with short legs so to watch me run you’d think you were watching Lord of the Rings at the scene where Gimli is chasing Legolas and Aragorn over the rolling hills.  Yup that’s me!  Actually this image describes me best 🙂

In all seriousness I’m not that out of shape.  I just clocked my 5k run time at 29:59 minutes.  Granted it was on a treadmill so I had full control over my pace and speed (something I really lack at while running outside).  If I don’t have a treadmill to pace myself I tend to burn out to fast because my pace is too fast at the beginning.  I’m just so darn excited to be running outside!  
This blog post will serve as my running log and my path to this so called half marathon that I’m supposedly going to run in with my sister.  Let’s do it!  Keep in mind these runs are usually second workouts as I’m doing P90X followed by Insanity.  I’ll be burning over 1200 calories a day while running 5Ks.  Hoping that my excess weight will just burn away.  Let me just say I am NOT a runner.  I grew up playing basketball and softball along with competitive swimming.  So let’s get started with tonight’s warm up run.  I’m not going to push myself to injury so if some of my runs look short (like tonight’s) it’s because I’m stopping before injury.  I’m not going to “push” through it until I’ve lost at least 25 lbs.
Day 1 (5/7/12)  {Also completed  P90X Chest, Shoulders & Triceps +AbRipperX}
20:00 minutes (14:55 @ 1.5 miles) – total miles 2.016

Day 2 ((5/10/12)
45:00 minutes – total miles 4.180
(14:52 @ 1.5 miles)  (30:57@ 5K)
Pace: 9:57 (mile 1)   9:46 (mile 2)  10:17 (mile3)  12:00 (mile 4)

Day 3 (5/14/12)  I know…I know….too many days in between each run
45:00 minutes – total miles – 4.362
1.5 mile @ 14:45 and 5K (3.1 miles) @ 30:38
Pace: 9:50 (mile 1)  9:46 (mile 2)  10:11 (mile 3) 11:33 (mile 4)
779 calories burned + 136 carbs burned

Day 4 (5/15/12)  T-Storms causing the power to go out which messed with my treadmill something fierce!
Total time: 30:00
Total mileage: 2.640 (man that garage was hot – not used to the heat….yet)
450 calories burned + 77 carbs

Day 5 (5/21/12)
Total time: 45:00 – Total mileage: 4.351
1.5 mile @ 14:42 and 5k (3.1 miles) @ 30:38
Pace: 9:50 (mile 1) 9:33 (mile 2) 9:46 (mile 3) 11:00 (mile 4)
758 calories burned + 131 carbs burned