Plantar Fasciitis – I Hate You

The great thing about running is the resulting athleticism, clear mindedness and reduced stress. The bad thing about running is the resulting injuries if you’re doing it wrong, overdoing it, getting to old to do it as much, or aren’t investing in proper gear.

I’ve had a series of injuries ranging from IT band issues to more recently PLANTAR FASCIITIS. Which, despite teasing from my friends, doesn’t mean you have warts on the bottom of your feet. Jerks! Ha!

If only I had known that the stone bruise I was experience was an earlier indicator of what was to come.  I could feel it happening as I ran on the treadmill at a friend’s gym with my brand new shoes on.  Needless to say I’ve returned those shoes and picked up another pair that are the same trusted brand/model that I’ve been wearing for years. More to come on that later.

I haven’t torn the fascia but I’ve seriously stressed it – so much so that I limp around at work, can’t wear flats and certainly can’t run. The x-ray revealed that there were no bone spurs which is good because the last thing I need right now is foot surgery or to have to wear around a boot for six months. The half marathon is going to have to wait.  Too bad I’m out the registration fee now. I just physically can’t do it. Maybe they’ll let me downgrade to the 5K which still may end up being a stretch (no pun intended).

In my near future I see more rolling of golf balls and frozen water bottles along the arches and heels of my feet, much time spent holding up walls at 10 sec intervals and make sure to keep up with other forms of cardio until I can start running again. I can do all of these things myself without going to physical therapy – so I’m going to avoid that drain on the wallet as well as the physical torture.

Here is a great guide on how to stretch and treat plantar fasciitis.

Lesson: Listen to your body and take care of your feet. The feet are so important – they’re the foundation.


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