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Productivity and Paper: Confessions of a stationary addict

For the longest time I’ve touted that I’m digitally organized – productivity apps lighting up all of my devices. I would pick up paper planners and put them back. Mostly I just enjoy the feel and smell of paper but why would I ever want to lug around an organizer/planner when I have my digital version at the tip of my fingers (or evening pinging me with reminders on my wrist)?

I received this whimsical number from a friend for my birthday.

WoodLand Tales – Illustrated by Melissa Redondo
[Orange Circle Studio: Calendars For Today]

I tested the limit of my theatrical capabilities to express my appreciativeness for such a thoughtful gift – if but useless to me. To make matters worse, I was also gifted by numerous people with my other vice … pens and pencils. There was no hope for it now … I had to write in the damn thing, if but to only experience the feel of the graphite running across brand new (to me anyway) bound paper. Don’t get me wrong, it was GLORIOUS – but next was the inevitable nagging reminder that I don’t use paper productivity tools… past tense??!

I found that I started to fill in the dated squares on the monthly calendar section which quickly turned into filling in the things I had accomplished on the day by day entries. In retrospect this truly a smart way to keep track of all of the conversations that I had during the week and plan for the important items the next day.

At the office my work area is peppered with an array of wildly colored post-it notes with various scribblings and drawings in different color inks. To anyone else but me it looks like a disaster – but really it’s an elaborate scrum board that just might need a secret decoder ring. I crave this visual representation of ideas and the only way I can digitalize it is to take a picture of it everyday or also organize it in a productivity node app like MindNode. How does the planner help me with this?  It makes the physical board portable by providing with a space to stick all of my notes in an organized fashion.  My scrum board comes home with me at night and hangs out with me on the weekends – where I can modify it when ideas hit me.  LOVE IT!

Long story short … don’t knock it until you try it. If you tried something a long time ago and it didn’t work out – give it another try and take a different approach. I would have never bought one of these for myself because I didn’t think it would be useful but when the opportunity was presented to me via friend and I didn’t waste it.

Don’t waste opportunities.

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