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To the mattresses, for rewards!

I can honestly say that I’ve bought more homes than I have mattresses for myself. The one we are currently on was purchased in 2002. It’s still in good condition but we’re noticing our backs are starting to hurt – sure we’re getting older but NOT that old!

The question is whether we want memory phone or coil. After much research and in-store visits we settled on memory foam – which is a first for us. We’ll see how it goes! The brand we ended up with is Amerisleep.

Other factors to consider before buying a mattress:

  • Budget: settle on a range you can live with.
  • Getting it home: look for free shipping deals or pick-up in the store if you have a vehicle large enough to transport.
  • Warranty: Most manufactures have a warranty that lasts a certain number of years (avg 10-20).
  • Sales: If you can hold out for a holiday try to pick up one when there are deals. (example: we got $200 off with Amerisleep’s Columbus Day Sale)
  • Rewards/Referrals: Yup we got that too… read to the bottom for a link on how to get $50 off your first order. When you refer you get $75!

Here is a chart from MemoryFoamMattress-Guide.org that neatly ranks the brands by consumer satisfaction. The Amerisleep Revere caught our attention but we ended up going with the firmest option, the Americana – which was much cheaper! #WINNING


Don’t miss out on Amerisleep’s Refer A Friend code!

You get $75 and your friend gets $50 off their first order. You get unlimited rewards with the referral code. If you do it right it will end up paying for the mattress and then some!

Happy sleeping!

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