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2016 New Year Resolutions: Healthy Body + Healthy Mind

2016 New Year Resolutions

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind

I’m definitely going to focus more on running. I didn’t do that much better in 2015 than I did in 2014 which needs to change. That’s why I’m really pushing on my goal of 1,000 miles run in 2016. This means I’m really going to have to step up my stretching routines.

It’s important to look at how far you’ve come so you know what you are capable of doing … and then push myself farther.

Maybe a 5K? (2012) New Balance
310 miles (2013) Asics something or other
608 miles (2014) Newtons / Nike Air Zoom Structure 17
695 miles (2015) Nike Air Zoom Structure 18

Yeah it’s time to change my shoes again … and if I’m going to have a goal of 1,000 miles that means I’m going to have to get another new pair of shoes half way through the year. No more running with holes in the bottom of the shoes. It’s especially worn on the balls of my feet. Same spot on all my shoes.

2016 Running Goal: 1000 miles
2016 Books read: 24 (that’s only two a month)
Gonna hit the pool again too:)
Go big or go home right?

Workout routine

Early Morning: T25
Lunch: 30 Minute run + 20 Minutes weights and calisthetics
Evening: 100 minute speed walk or swim (once a week)

Saturday (early morning) long run (8-10 miles)
Saturday (evening) KenpoX
Sunday (early morning) Yoga
Sunday (evening) Core work

2 thoughts on “2016 New Year Resolutions: Healthy Body + Healthy Mind

  1. So how did you get on with your 2016 goals? I hope you achieved them. But if you didn’t – never mind, the journey is often more fun than reaching the destination.


    1. Denzil – I didn’t quite hit my running goals due to an injury but I did learn how important it is to take care of your muscles! I’m going to modify for 2017 but will continue to set aggressive goals for myself – focusing more on tiered goal sets with easy wins that build up to the BIG ONE! Happy New Year:)


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