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International Flavors Are Not Scary

The joys of working in a diverse work place include being exposed to diverse foods.

Just get over how strange it may look and try it!  You’d be surprised out how good new experiences really can taste!

lychee fruit from China
I hit the food jackpot this past Monday at the office. There has been a lot of fasting recently because of Ramadan. Weeks of tiptoeing around the office trying to make sure I’m not making it too obvious that I’m chowing down while others are abstaining. So when Ramadan ended last Friday there was talk of good things to come on Monday … you can bet I didn’t miss out on that!
One of the healthier of the treats I got to sample for the first time was lychee.  A small fruit grown in China that reminded me of a strawberry on the outside and tasted like a juicy coconut with a hint of orange.  Hello Vitamin C and Potassium! Sure it was a bit difficult to eat but it was fabulous!!
Gulab Jamun sweets from India
Gulab Jamun
Sweets from India - pastries
Assortment of Indian sweets
The other two types of food I had the pleasure of trying were far less healthy but equally as yummy.  I’m a donut fanatic so the Gulab Jamun didn’t have to work too hard for me to sample it … several times.There was also a wide assortment of sweets, also from India, that had everyone enthralled.  How could you not want to try something so brightly colored and so uniquely shaped?
Everyone enjoyed the different flavors to such an extent that we’re talking about having another potluck that focuses on bringing foods from whichever culture or country your origins hale from.  I jokingly said I’d bring moose jerky and maple syrup … should be too hard to guess part of my ancestry:)

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