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Colds: No Getting Around Them

The thing I hate the most about being sick is that I can’t workout … at all! I’ve tried the whole take it easy approach but when I’m sick my body won’t function on a level that could be considered adequate to work out.  I literally feel like I’m going to pass out and it astounds me that other people can muster the energy and constitution to get a workout in.  I guess everyone is different but this makes it extremely difficult for me to stay in shape in the winter months as I’m perpetually sick.

I’d love to hear what remedies others are using to prevent sickness.  I’m looking for something beyond the standard drink lots of water, plenty of sleep and take your vitamins.  I admit that I’m not very good about the middle item but I’m decent at the other two.  I’ve also tried taking Zinc supplements when I feel something coming on as I have friends who swear by it but that never seems to work.  When I travel I pre-emptively guard against ill travelers by popping Airborne like it’s going out of style.  Considering I just got back from a trip and I’m sick, it’s safe to assume that it doesn’t always work. Could have been the NYC metro system or maybe the train? #dirtytravels

Activities that I can’t do while sick:

Running — quick way to get light headed and pass out
Swimming — really do I want pneumonia?
Weight Lifting — raises my pulse too quickly … again with the passing out
Yoga — yeah so I can’t have my head lower then the center of my body … quickly fills up with “cold”
Walking — sorry … that’s too boring and I would be attempted to run (see item #1)

Right now I’m about 5 days into my cold with little to no exercise.  I tried running on Day#2 but only made it 1/2 mile before I realized I wasn’t sweating and I wanted to take a nap … or pass out.   Wish me luck tomorrow … I’ve got to get a workout in!  Gone are the days when I would go a week or more without working out.  Heck I get irritable if I don’t work out daily.

End rant.

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