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Wizard’s First Rule: Terry Goodkind

I’ve started this series as a journey of sorts as there are twelve books in The Sword of Truth series.  My brother read these many years ago and declared them his favorites series; although I don’t think he’s actually finished it.  I had previously avoided the series because the book covers and illustrations did little to draw me in.  Yes that could be considered shallow of me as I’m judging a book by its cover but I’m trying to break out of that habit.  I have a seriously long commute (90-120 minutes one way) and I’ve decided to listen to this book on audio versus reading it.  This is a first for me as I’ve never done audio before.

Wizard's First Rule - The Sword of Truth Series - Terry GoodkindDay 1 – I begin Wizard’s First Rule. I’m a few chapters in and have gotten used to listening to the story versus actually reading.  I find it hard to concentrated sometimes as traffic pulls my attention away but so far I’m enjoying the experience.  I find myself getting slightly impatient with Goodkind’s writing style as I’m excited for the story and want the plot to progress.  It is in no way a compliant about the author’s writing style but rather a self observance that I’m too impatient when reading due to lack of time to actually read!  I need to slow down and enjoy the story and all of its detail (even though some is repetitive).

The characters names always intrigue me.  I used to try and write my own fantasy short stories and found developing the names the hardest part. It amuses me that the main character’s name is Richard (which is a fairly common name in the “real world”), and his brother’s Michael, and the rest of the characters have very unique names that seem more suited to a world of fantasy.  Zed has a very unique name with both middle and last starting with a Z as well! Chase and Addy are also more unique than Bill. Perhaps this coupled with a lackluster cover made me skip over this series so many times in the past.  When I pick up a book to consider reading it I always read the back cover and then one or two pages in the middle to get a sense of writing style.  It could be the names Richard and Michael bored me at the time?  No offense to all Richards and Michaels out there, they’re not boring names … just not what I expect (or have been used to) in fantasy writing … the names tend to be more abstract?

Okay so the voice of Zed has totally grown on me and I love his character!  Rachel is a sweetheart who pulls at the heart strings as she is treated so poorly. Hope it works out for her 🙂  I’m not sure how I feel about Brophy …we’ll just leave it at that.
By the way…started to watch The Legend Of The Seeker and it is so different from the book that I couldn’t bring myself to continue watching it.  It also had a certain level of cheesiness that I have a low amount of tolerance for.
I love that moment when you realize why the book has the title it does. We get there about 3/4 through this book.  Incidentally the world of wizards is better explained at that point as well.  I’m impressed with how patient Richard is with everything, seriously this group keeps too many secrets from each other.

This book definitely builds as it progresses.  The chapters on Denna of the Mord-Sith were intense.  Goodkind truly explores and tests the limits of the human mind and what it can handle.  For some reason all I can picture in my mind when I think of Mistress Constance is Virgo of Fairy Tail and her gorilla appearance.  I know … not even even close but the voice + description cause me to think her!

Fantastic start to a new series! I’m thrilled that there are so many to read!  Moving on to the second book!  5 out of 5 stars for this one!

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