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Dragons of Autumn Twilight: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

This is the first book in the Chronicles Trilogy. It’s called a trilogy because they’re are three books but later on the authors added a companion novel (The Second Generation) followed by a conclusion novel (Dragons of Summer Flame).  This is not the first DragonLance book I have read; that prestigious position goes to The Legend of Huma.  I remember reading through this series in grade/middle school and becoming thoroughly enraptured.  The character and world development is fantastic.  The writing style is such that a reader can enjoy the story at both a teen and adult level without feeling too challenged OR feeling that they are reading a children’s book.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragons_of_Autumn_TwilightThe Dragons of Autumn Twilight starts with a group of companions that are meeting again after a period of five years (read The Companions as a prequel if you want).  Their world is changing and the old gods are coming back to Krynn.  It’s a tale of darkness and dragons.  The character development is fantastic and you become invested in each of the characters.  All seems to have a dark and light side; except that of kender, Tasslehoff whose “dark side” is never darker than that of a child’s.

Characters (core)
Tanis Half-Elven (half elf: leader)
Caramon Majere (human: warrior)
Raistlin Majere (human: mage)
Sturm Brightblade (human: knight)
Flint Fireforge (dwarf: warrior)
Tasslehoff Burrfoot (kender: thief)
Riverwind (human: barbarian)
Goldmoon (human: barbarian cleric)
Tika Waylan (human: barmaid – skillet master)
Gilthanas (elf: brother to Laurana and childhood friend of Tanis)
Laurana (elf: sister to Gilthanis and childhood friend of Tanis)

Fizban (human: mage)  –> one of my favorite characters (compare to Zifnab in The Death Gate Cycle).  Authors having a bit of fun here:)

Once you finish reading this book you’ll want to jump right into the next.  The DragonLance book series is quite large (something like 150+ books).  DragonLance Nexus has put together a great summary of the books and their time periods.  The Chronicles is not a bad place to start but there are plenty of books that are dated before this storyline that create a back history on these characters (and others) as well as Krynn as a whole.  It’s been several years since anything new has been written for DragonLance but I think you’ll find that there is more than enough to keep you going for awhile.

They even turned this book into an animated film featuring Keifer Sutherland and Lucy Lawless as voice actors! Keep and open mind and appreciate the story line.  Don’t cheat and watch the movie first …

I seriously hope you enjoy this saga as much as I do!  This book is so worn from reading that the cover is tattering and the spine is cracked so much that I can’t make out the words on the side.  I’m going to make and educated guess and say that I’ve read this book at least a dozen times (probably closer to 20x).  More to come on these books as reread the entire saga!  It will certainly take some time but I’ll suffer through it 😉

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