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Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War by Christie Golden

I absolutely love the World of Warcraft novel series that delves further into the heroes and character found in the MMPORG World of Warcraft (WOW).  I have read other works by Christie Golden which I will also review but I felt she did an excellent job with this tale.  It was almost as though I was actually playing a campaign in the game. Her descriptions of the people and places were spot on and I could see them clearly in my mind’s eye map.

I love how it touched on other characters in the campaigns but I think I read it out of order.  I should have read Thrall first as some of the storyline is better explained in that book (which I’m currently reading)!  I’ve already read Arthas which was a fantastic novel that further explained the beginning and ending of the death knight.  Jaina’s history was so closely tide to Arthas that reading that novel first made this one so much more enjoyable. Yeah for powerful female characters that actually act feminine but not helpless. 

There was mention of yet another important character in her life, an elf I think?  I know nothing of that character and I don’t know if he is/was of any importance in the grand scheme of things but I wish the author had elaborated a bit more on that thread. 

While I hate when main (and sub) characters are killed I think that it lends the story a certain level of credibility.  It’s nice to have a happy ending but I think that the stories with a bittersweet one captivate the reader so much more.

The degree of relationships between the different characters regardless of their factions, Alliance or Horde (or even neutral), created by the author exhibited enough intrigue and politics that offset the action quite nicely. I never used to care for politics in fantasy genre and maybe it was a maturity thing where all I wanted was plot progression and epic battles filled with action and excitement.  Now I find enjoyment in the forming of treaties, trade agreements, alliances, etc. Christie Golden does an excellent job of mapping it all out and making it interesting versus tedious.

And of course you can’t forget the dragons.  Dragons make my day!  The story of the Aspects in WOW and the political unrest between the different flights is extremely interesting and being able to read more about it and follow characters that span multiple novels as well as quests in the game is an enjoyable experience.  Kudos to you Christie and keep up the good work!  I’m almost done with Thrall and then I’ll be reaching for Vol’Jin, Dawn of the Aspects, and War Crimes.

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