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A Whisper of Sin: Nalini Singh

This novella was a quick 90 minute read that moved the plot along quickly; which I suppose it would have to! It was the first book I’ve read on a tablet too:) This book was fun enough that I’ve now downloaded the first in Singh’s Guild Hunter Series. 

Whisper of Sin A Psy-Changeling Novella by Nalini SinghI’m not a fan of novellas because I feel as though the stories are too short and I want more.  That being said this is one of 17 in the series so perhaps with them all pieced together a bigger picture could be formed.  I’ll be sure to try a few more.

The author did a good job of mixing in realism with the supernatural. I was pleased that the main character Ria (female) wasn’t a simpering idiot. The story did take on two points of view but there were holes in certain spots that left me wonder what happened.  Near the end the main character Emmett (male wereleopard) went off to hunt down a “bad guy” and then came back wounded with very little explanation as to what happened or how.  I get it…it’s more of a steamy paranormal romance in a shortened form which leaves a limited amount of room for plot and character development. 

This further cements my lack of interest in novellas but as I try novels from this author and if I find that I like them I’ll give the Psy-Changeling series another chance.

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