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Newton Motion

Newton Motion for #stability

I’ve hit that 300 mile mark and then some … time for new running shoes!!!  I’ve traded in my +ASICS for +Newton Running Motion shoes and the first run was great.  I pulled a no-no and ran farther than I should have for the premiere run.  The sales guy at The Running Store said to give these shoes two weeks to break in and to keep the distance to one mile per day.

Oops … just ran a quick 3.28 miles (couldn’t resist!!).  The shoes felt great and I didn’t feel any pain until about 2.75 miles when my right arch, achilles and knee started feeling discomfort.  I was warned against possible plantar fasciitis with this shoe and I can see where that is a strong possibility.  I’ve also heard that it’s pretty quick to recover from. I can’t completely attribute it to the new shoes as I’ve been having problems with the right leg for a few weeks now.  However, I probably should have listened and kept the run short.  Fastest outdoor 5K time (i.e. not on a treadmill) and a great pace:)

Tried a new pair of socks with these shoes too…also from The Running Store.  The Balega Zulu quarter socks worked great to absorb and they had plenty of cushion.  No friction burns for me today!!

Happy running:)

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