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Recipe: Quick Egg White & Spinach Muffins

This is a quick and easy way to make sure you have something healthy to eat for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.  It’s inexpensive to make and quite tasty.  If you don’t like spinach you can always substitute your favorite veggies or even add some diced ham (or other meat if you must have meat).

Other variations may include cheese or the use of whole eggs (which I don’t recommend because of the fat and cholesterol content).


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Line two muffin tins with muffin cups.  Heat up the spinach per the directions on the box (either by microwaving or boiling).  Mix (gently stir) separated spinach with egg whites in a large bowl.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

 Next evenly distribute mixture in a muffin cups.  Cook for 30 minutes (or until done).  Let cool for 5 minutes before serving.  You can store them in the fridge (or freezer) for later consumption.  Simply re-heat in microwave for 15 seconds on high

Makes: 24 muffins

Calories for one muffin…well that’s difficult to say as both the spinach and the egg whites are low in calories and high in nutrients. Judging by the nutrition information below and knowing that I measured about 1/4 of egg whites into each muffin I’d say that the calorie count is around 32 per muffin.

Spinach and egg whites are so darn good for you!  Check out this awesome nutrition lists!

Hope you enjoy your Quick Egg White & Spinach Muffins!

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