7 Day Workout Week

Finally starting to hit my groove with figuring out how to fit fitness into my schedule.  Swimming three times a week, running three times a week, weights three times a week, softball games twice week, and random physical activities around the house and out with friends or family.  It means committing to working out at least once a day and many times twice.  This past week I managed to do all but the weights.  This coming week I’ll be incorporating the P90X fitness routine in to cover weight sessions.

Sample week:

Monday: P90X Chest & Back (morning), Swimming (evening) – 2200 meters
Tuesday: 4 mile run (morning)
Wednesday: P90X Back & Biceps (morning), Swimming (evening) – 2200 meters
Thursday: 4 mile run (morning), Swimming (evening) – 2200 meters
Friday: P90X Legs & Back (morning)
Saturday: 4 mile run
Sunday: P90X Yoga (morning), Softball games x 2 (evening)

This past Saturday I ran with a friend with the goal of running four miles without stopping.  This was a worthy goal as I normally hit the 5k (3.10) mile mark and then end up walking for a quarter mile or so before picking it up again.  I’d like to increase my distance and in order to do so I need to slow down my pace (best 9.57/mile – 5K).  We did pretty good and it was fairly easy which means I can increase my pace OR run farther.  I think I’ll keep the distance at 4 miles for four weeks and then up it to 4.5 miles.  I need to loose more weight before I really start jumping distances.  My joints are screaming at me a little and my right arch is acting up.

Unfortunately my running is having a direct affect on my swimming abilities. Once I start getting toe or arch cramps while swimming I’m done.  The water temperature is usually a bit chilly for my comfort and causes my muscles and tendons to tighten up.  If they are already stressed it compounds the situation.

Here’s for looking forward to the next week!!!

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