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Finally It’s Here! T25 Focus Alpha Beta

Don’t you just love discovering a BeachBody box on your doorstep?  Finally my copy of T25 Focus has arrived!

It’s like Christmas in July looking through all the materials.  Start guide, nutrition guide, tracking poster, cds and strength band.
 I don’t have a neon salmon band so this will look good next to my green, blue and black:)  And for those who don’t know – the different colors equate to different resistance levels.
This workout is really going to burn the fat and the time requirement is minimal (which is why it appealed to me so much!).  I love #P90X but dang those workouts take forever.  T25 is a wake up and burn and then head off to work routine.  Only 5 days a week.  It’ll be tempting to fit in doubles or even double up with Tony Horton.  Either way I’ll be feeling it…FEELING IT!
Knocked out this first installment of ALPHA which is the foundation for the workout series.  I feel so darn good and look how chic this CD is and as much as I love my equipment it is kind of nice to pick up and start a workout without all of the gear.
Want to join the fitness revolution and try out this workout series by Shaun T?  It’s super easy – just order here.  Also love to chase my intense workouts with some Shakeology.  Have you tried the new Vanilla flavor?  If not try it out here.  Happy Fitness!

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