Shakeology · T25 · Vanilla

Excited for T25 and Vanilla Shakeology

Can’t wait to get started with Shaun T’s T25 which is exactly what it sounds like…25 minutes a day for 5 days a week.  Finding time in my schedule to work out is the biggest challenge and this will take

care of that.  I see doubles in my future…morning with T25 and evenings with Mr. Tony Horton.  Pure bliss…

How long have we been waiting for Vanilla Shakeology?  FOREVER!  Love the chocolate and tolerate the Greenberry but Vanilla is going to blow my mind!  I’m going to be smelling that bag like a little kid smells her vanilla scented cabbage patch dolls.  Add some cinnamon and I’m in heaven!

Beachbody - Vanilla Shakeology benefits and recipes

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