Adams County Winery – Gettysburg, PA

We took a tour of the winery and saw where and how all the wine is made.  We started out with a murale that depicted the different seasons of the vineyard; the planting, growing and harvesting.  There was also images of all the machinery and barrels used as well as the vineyard pets.  They had just recently painted in their golden retriever Rusty who had a big smile painted on his friendly face.  There was another dog (black) and a cat painted in as well.

 We were able to go into the section of the winery where all the grapes are “Lucy’d” by Bucher (a machine) which separated all of the stems from the grapes.  It also opened up the grapes to allow for access to all of the seeds and sugars within.  The grapes are then put in a giant container where they are left to ferment and absorb the desired amount of tannen and coloring desired.  If they were making white wine this step would be skipped as that’s how the red get’s its coloring.

List of Wines Sampled

Chardonnay (dry citrus white)

Traveller (semi-dry Vidal white)

Stray Cat Strut (fruity Catawba white)

President’s Choice (sweet white)

Tears of Gettysburg (Niagara white)

Turning Point (semi-dry red)

Three Ships to the Wind (fruity red)

The Engagement (semi-sweet rose)

Rebel Red (semi-sweet dry finish red)

Rusty’s Red (named after Rusty; sweet red)

Scrapple (sweetly-spiced Cranberry Apple wine; chilled or mulled)

Cherese Masquerade (cherry Cabernet Sauvignon)

Entwine’d (chocolate red wine)

D’Vine (iced dessert wine)

Great meeting you both Pam and Zach!  Pam was kind enough to help us schedule a great gold star tour and Zach was our tour guide.  I certainly asked a lot of questions of the facility and he answered them all with great patience and a wonderful sense of humor.  You all should seriously let people tip your guides!  We’ll be back again for sure!

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