Chest and Back · pull-up bar · push-up bar

Chest & Back

The first workout in the P90X series and even though I’ve done it many times I found tonight was pretty tough to get through.  Allergies are plaguing me and I wanted to quit the workout after every set….but I didn’t!

Two things for this workout
1) Push-ups
2) Pull-ups

Push up bars are recommended but if you don’t have them no worries you can always use  your dumbbells instead.  You really should use either one of them otherwise you might end up with wrist problems.  I had developed a ganglion cyst on my wrist a few years back from all the push-ups and it wasn’t pleasant so make sure you’ve got the tools that will enable you to be kind to your joints!

Yes I said “pull-ups”.  Have I ever done a pull-up?  No.  Do I ever want to be able to do pull-ups?  Of course but it’s going to be a long hard road!  I can pull 35lbs on lawnmowers but I can’t do a pull-up.  Go figure!  I’m relying on my trusty blue band to get a great back workout.

I’ve got my pull-up bar rigged on the frame into my laundry room.  Easy enough to unhook it and it put it away in storage.  One day I’ll be able to do a pull-up with a chair and then without!!

Not only does my chest and back get an excellent workout but I find that my biceps get a decent one as well.  I figure it’s due to the reverse grip chin-ups and military push-ups.  Talk about a burn!

Recovery drink!!!!!

Chase this workout with AbRipperX and you’ve rounded off a nice 600+ calorie burn!

Length of Chest & Back: 52:50
Calorie burn: 565

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