Chobani · Greenberry · orange juice · Shakeology

Greenberry Strawberry Sunrise – Shakeology®


1 packet Shakeology® Greenberry mix
1 cup Chobani Plain 0% Greek Yogurt®
1/2 cup frozen organic strawberries
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cold water
8 ice cubes

I like my shakes cold and not too thick.  If you like your shakes thicker then don’t add the water and take away an ice cube or two.  The ingredients above filled a 20 oz glass and then some.  My husband had the “and then some” and  he liked it.  Liked it so much he wanted more and I said “hands off it’s mine!”.  I absolutely loved this shake!  It tasted so good AND it’s healthy for you!  This tasty treat replaced my evening meal and I’m stuffed!

For more information about Shakeology®  and other Beachbody® products visit

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