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Chicken Chili

This is my own concoction of chicken chili.  My goal is to make enough to last for the whole week.  I’m a big fan of slow cookers and just throwing “stuff” in!  Feel free to modify however you want.  I’m sure each time I make it the ingredients will be different (depends upon what I have laying around the house – okay that didn’t sound too appetizing!)

2 chicken breasts (cubed)
1 cup black beans
1 cup Roman beans (Habichuelas Romanas for those of you who prefer to cook in Latin ;P  )
1 sweet potato
1 can diced tomatoes and basil
1 can succotash
2 large onions diced
(if I had a bigger slow cooker I would have added a can of sweet corn too!)

Okay so I’m not Rachael Ray so you figure out the rest.  Kidding!!!!

So those of you who have ever made a chili (with beans) know that it’s not a quick thing unless you use canned beans (yuck).  Therefore you need to soak your beans overnight in cool water OR you can boil them for 2 minutes and let sit for one hour then throw them in the slow cooker.  You have to soak your beans!!  Don’t forget to drain the water (so all the dirt and little mineral deposits and other things will be left out of the chili) before you add the beans to the slow cooker.  I think I had about 3 cups of fresh water in the slow cooker when I added the beans.  Enough to give an inch or so of water coverage over the beans.

Dice up your onions and sweet potato (I like to cube it) and add it to the mix.  Next open the cans of tomatoes and succotash and add those to the mix.

Cube your chicken breast and cook with olive oil and seasoning (as seen below).  Then add the cooked chicken to the pot with whatever spices you like (I added cumin, garlic powder and all purpose seasoning).  Next I’ll let this simmer on high for a few hours (you’ll need to keep checking the beans – basically cook until the beans are soft).   Then it’s ready to eat!

For storage I turn the cooker off and wait for it to cool down completely then remove the insert pan and shove that sucker in the fridge.  Then all you have to do the next day for dinner is put the insert pan back in the slow cooker and turn it on high and it takes maybe 10 minutes to get it nice and hot for serving!

Hope you enjoy if you choose to try it.  If you don’t like it then substitute your favorite vegetables and spices.  Really I think you can’t go wrong.  The only fat in this soup is coming from what little olive oil I used to to cook the chicken.

Bon Appetite!

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