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Shoulders & Arms

Absolutely love this workout!  Weight lifting gloves are a must.  I used to play a lot of softball and the friction from the bat on my palms built up some mean calluses; well weights are no different.  The gloves don’t completely prevent calluses but they do help!  Tony is great in this session; it’s like having a personal training standing right next to you pushing you.

I used to think I was super fit in high school as I was Ms. Varsity Swim this and Varsity softball that and I can remember weight lifting in my parents garage.  I did three different exercises with three sets of 10 a piece.  I was done in maybe 20 minutes tops and I thought I was “the bomb”.  LOL I just carbon dated myself with that one!  When I first started doing P90X weight workouts like Shoulder & Arms I couldn’t believe how many sets he was doing.  When I looked at the workout sheet I thought to myself “there is no way I’m making it through this!  There are 15 different exercises and I have to do them twice!”  Is he crazy????  Yeah he’s crazy and I LOVE it! My “I’m the bomb” routine only did 9 total sets; Tony’s does 30!

Tip Of The Day: “Don’t Smash Your Face”

Bwahahahaha that’s awesome!  Seriously though you can totally smash your face on the lying down tricep extensions so watch it!!!  Also as Tony so often says; don’t let your ego get in the way.  When I was in really good shape I did most of my curl sets with 20lbs or 25lbs – now….not so much.  I’m starting at 15lbs until I can work my way back up.  I figure the first 30 days I’ll stay at 15lbs then up it to 20lbs during the 60 and 90 day marks.  (I did 25lbs a few times and thought I tore my arms off so that’s a bit too ambitious for the first round of P90X)

Total time: 59:53
Total calorie burn: 589

Chase this with some AbRipperX and you’ve had a very nice workout!  Don’t forget your recovery drink.  Super important for muscle repair.

For more information about P90x and other Beachbody products visit www.beachbodycoach.com/MirandaOpiela

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